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13 Feb 2018 - FreeTimePays
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Book a 'Show & Tell' with us - time to suit you!

Let us give you a full tour of the FreeTimePays digital platform - this can be arranged on-line or we will come and see you. We can give you a demo login so you can see for yourself the amazing tools and applications available. See for yourself what your community would see and experience with FreeTimePays.
02 Jan 2018 to 28 Feb 2018
9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (20 minute demos)


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Civic pride
05 May 2017 - PMNet Support
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Proud to be Welsh

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It has always been said that ‘The Welsh’ are a proud Nation!  But what else inspires proudness in being Welsh? What makes us believe we are special living or working here in the principality? And how can we make the most of such a valuable asset as the Welsh pride?


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